SINKING BEAR. Soren Agenoux, ed, Ray Johnson.


Portland, Ore. & NY: Division Leap & Boo-Hooray, 2013. First edition thus. Wraps. Folio, 162 pp., printed entirely by risograph on various colors of paper stock by Keegan Cooke at the Circadian Press and bound in silkscreened wraps. One of a limited edition of 300 copies. With essays by Adam Davis and Johan Kugelberg. Fine. Item #23398

Facsimile reproduction of Sinking Bear, which arose out of the conversation of a number of artists then associated with both Judson Church and the legendary poetry newsletter Floating Bear, edited by Leroi Jones and Diane Di Prima. Sinking Bear was edited by the mysterious Soren Agenoux, a brilliant playwright, mail artist, and suspected forger who started the zine as a satire of Floating Bear. In less than a year (November 1963 - June 1964), nine issues were published, evolving into a unique mixture of gossip, in jokes, overheard conversations and news snippets. The final issues employ erratic and various collation and innovative use of deteriorating serial imagery. Ray Johnson began to become associated with the zine in the fifth issue, and several of his works and short texts are present. There are also satirical references to a host of downtown figures of the time, including Freddie Herko, Al Hansen, Billy Name, Andy Warhol, James Waring, Johnny Dodd, and many others. Sinking Bear is largely unknown today, perhaps because of its rarity.

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