[Collection of Printing Photographs from New York School of Printing]. Printing, Photography.

[Collection of Printing Photographs from New York School of Printing]

[New York]. 138 black and white photographs. 64 are approx. 8'' by 10'' or 7'' by 9,'' the remainder of the collection in assorted smaller sizes. Many photos curled, a few creased and a very few with small tears to edges. Majority very good or better. Approximately a third of the photos have a typed descriptive label attached to the back; others have notes in pen or pencil identifying the subjects. Of the remainder, many have a photographer's stamp on the back but are otherwise unlabelled. Very good. Item #22194

Photographs of student printers and instructors, nearly all from the New York School of Printing, most dated from the mid-1950s through the late 1960s. Many photographs have a detailed description attached (e.g. "NYSP students in basement with shipping crates"), with one accompanied by a press release from the Printing Education Week Committee. Several images of work in progress have an attached technical description on the reverse explaining the process shown in the photo: e.g. "Registering and Assembling Negatives and Transparencies," "Checking Negative Register," "Burning an Offset Plate," "Preparing 'flats' for contact to blueprint prior to plating," "Hand Composition," "Color Mixing," "Journeymen Instruction in Teletypesetter Operation at the School for Printers Apprentices of The New York School of Printing." Other photos show exhibits from a Printing Education week; high school and college lectures on printing; bookbinding and letterpress classes; exterior shots of the former NYSP building on 49th St. from 1956; design process and scale models for the new NYSP building (opened in 1960) and multiple shots of its construction process; and industry booths at a printing trade show or exhibition. Identified subjects include journeymen primters and instructors; representatives of the New York Printing Pressmen's Union #51; and many others identified by name only. One series of 1961 photos showing a tour of a printing workshop bears the stamp "Official Photograph Board of Education - City of New York." Another small set shows a "Printing in Japan" exhibit, with several smaller snapshots labeled "Jap Interview" [sic]. Most photographs are dated between 1951 and 1968, with the largest concentrations in 1956 and '60-61. Photographs lacking a date or description appear to date from the same era, with a few exceptions: one photo dated 1943, two 8'' by 10'' enlargements dated 1926, and one 4'' by 5'' photo dated 1933 labelled "Industrial High School / Class in Appreciation of Printing - Studying Foreign Types."

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