[Winchester Rifle 1964 N.R.A. Convention Scrapbook: "Proved on Safari"]. Guns, NRA.

[Winchester Rifle 1964 N.R.A. Convention Scrapbook: "Proved on Safari"]

[1964]. Folio (15'' by 12'') snap-ring scrapbook album. Textured brown cloth over thin flexible boards. 22 album leaves with photographs and emphemera mounted on recto and verso, with many more items loose or laid in. Includes press releases, event announcements, and other miscellaneous items, together with 45 photographs: about 20 3.5'' by 5,'' six of them in color; 17 8'' by 10'' enlargements; and a few others of various sizes. Also includes six leaves of press clippings, organized and labeled by publication name and circulation figures. Item #22193

Scrapbook of memorabilia and photographs documenting the African safari-themed Winchester Rifle exhibit at 1964's N.R.A. convention in Los Angeles. Press releases, schedules, and publicity materials spotlight "professional hunter" and Winchester guest of honor David Omanney, featured posing with his gun and with various dead animals or portions thereof, all attesting to the efficacy of Winchester's signature product. Other photos show the toothy Winchester representative brandishing a rifle at a cluster of boy scouts. The Winchester tent was reported by contemporary media (as represented in the album) as the '64 convention's most popular attraction. Winchester used the occasion of the convention to promote "Safari," its made-for-TV film starring Ommanney, Winchester's "Man in Africa." A press release notes that Omanney was also slated to appear on the "True Adventure" program while there in Los Angeles, to "explain the role of 'white hunter" and to "give vicarious 'white hunters' many inside tips on the dangerous profession." A series of 10'' by 8'' black and white photos carefully document the exhibit space itself: within the tent, every surface not occupied by guns is artfully draped with animal skins; camp chairs and African or faux-African crossed spears and shields abound. A row of antelope heads, far from home, gaze out from under the palms and the pitiless facade of the neighboring Texaco building. Their graceful horns were no match for the bullets of the mighty WINCHESTER. An entire tiger-skin pinned to a display wall mutely testifies to the twin might of machine and manimal. Another series of photos shows Omanney on stage with an elephant and a donkey: both apparently alive. A clipping from the Herald Examiner reports that the elephant was painted pink for the occasion; and that the donkey "just kind of stood there and represented the Democratic party." Pierre Salinger, former Kennedy press secretary and then-candidate for a Senate seat, was a featured guest at the event, and Walt Disney is identified in a press clipping as an honored speaker elsewhere at the convention. Includes a graphic flyer for a Safari Night at the Greater Los Angeles Press Club, printed in black on heavy salmon-pink paper, with an accompanying menu in Swahili. Also includes original invitations to a "Safari Sundowner" cocktail party later the same week, with thank-you notes from attendees in local government. Followed by six sleeves of newspaper clippings on the N.R.A., the convention, and Omaney's activities; all are hearty, uncritical, apolitical, and full of admiration for Omaney's reputedly handsome, blond qualities, and massive store of mounted trophy heads. This album marks the first convention held by the N.R.A. in California. They would return. Photographs from the convention show a crowd as overwhelmingly male as it is white, though an included news report does note Omanney's opinion that women are better hunters "because they'll do what you tell them."

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