[Collection of Mail Art, Cartoons, Editorials, and Correspondence]. Tuli KUPFERBERG.

[Collection of Mail Art, Cartoons, Editorials, and Correspondence]

(New York): [ca. 1990-91]. 78 8.5" x 11" B&W xerographically reproduced flyers, with some minor duplication/variation. 1 maquette. Two color photocopies. 2 large posters. Plus three autographed notes signed. Tuli's return address label to the verso of many pieces. A few have his holograph notes, corrections, additions. Mild wear here and there. Near fine overall. Near fine. Item #22179

Archive of correspondence and mail art from Tuli Kupferberg to Village Voice art director Wes Anderson (1952-1991). Consisting almost entirely of original photocopies of his cartoons and drawings, the pieces fall into three broad categories. The first simply reproduces Tuli's drawings (typically accompanied by irreverent text), the second features his series "Great Moments in..." (War, Media, Art, Capitalism, etc.), while the final focuses on his collages. Themes are primarily political (Clinton, the Gulf War, AIDS, etc.), but many have decidedly satirical edge (targets include aging, sex, and NYC). While best known as a founding member of The Fugs (as well a poet and underground publisher), Kupferberg was also, as Richard Gehr wrote in an obituary for Tuli published in the Village Voice, a "late-blooming cartoonist." And as Kupferberg's friend Tom Robbins described in yet another Voice obit: "The drawings [...] would occasionally pop up in the mail at the Voice in a plain brown envelope, no note attached. The message was simply to use them as the paper saw fit. He was part of the Voice‘s extended family, which means, of course, that he was often estranged from it. His wife, Sylvia Topp, was a Voice editor for years. Son Noah was an intern." In the last couple of decades of his life, cartooning seems to have become Kupferberg's primary artistic outlet. He published a book of his drawings (TEACH YOURSELF FUCKING) in 2000, and he discussed them frequently on his YouTube channel. A representative collection from this counterculture icon, showing him to be just as vital, bawdy, and provocative at the end of his career as he was at its beginning.

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