[Small Archive of Material for "Contacts for Survial"]. Ulf CHRISTENSSEN, Gloria Newton.
[Small Archive of Material for "Contacts for Survial"]

[Small Archive of Material for "Contacts for Survial"]

(Oslo, Norway): Contacts for Survival, (1968). Collection of various documents housed in original envelope. Includes: 15pp. of duplicated promotional materials, large offset printed series of charts related to peace studies, original check and return envelope (bearing what we presume is the CFS logo). Charts folded for mailing, else generally fine. Item #22169

Small archive representing what is perhaps the only remaining trace of a fascinating, prescient, but ultimately unrealized utopian project of the counterculture. Beginning in the early 1960s and continuing for almost ten years, partners Christenssen and Newton gathered information and raised money for "Contacts for Survival," a planned telephone-book sized decentralized directory to supporters of and participants in peace and other protest movements. As Christenssen later described the project (in practically the only lingering reference to CFS we could find anywhere): "CONTACTS FOR SURVIVAL was planned in 1962 as a classified biographical directory with the particular aim of connecting the live wires who could best help to solve world problems. In spite of publicity contained in thousands of circulars and numerous newspaper articles, and approaches to a great many publishers and foundations, it proved impossible to finance this directory. It seemed as if Contacts for Survival was one of those ideas whose time had not yet come" (INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATIONS/ ASSOCIATIONS INTERNATIONALES, No. 12, 1972). He continued, while"[o]ther directories [...] all direct people to the inevitable organization man" (ibid), CFS in contrast was aimed at connecting like-minded individuals for self-directed collective action. This peer-to-peer approach was both idealistic and forward-thinking, not unlike in many ways our own current social media. But also like our current social media, the realities of such an endeavor clashed with the project's dreams, facts reflected in this small collection from 1968 mailed to an early supporter. In it, Newton and Christensenn return the contribution ($3.00) of an original subscriber (a Mr. Dennis of Tuscon AZ), explaining "If you don't cash this cheque, then you will remain on our lists and receive 'Contacts for Survival' - in installments or as a whole - whichever way we will be able to print it." Mr. Dennis did not cash his check (it is present), but unfortunately this was probably one of the last and likely most extensive gasps of CFS (we find no hint of it in OCLC). The promotional and solicitation materials total some 14pp. of pleas, explanations, descriptions, plans, etc of/for CFS (including selling "Peace Bonds"). Also present is a large, well-designed series of three corner-stapled color sheets (4pp. total) depicting the "Hesbjerg Clock," a chart that maps the causes and effects which influence the world's societies towards or away from conflict, also published by CFS and including course information for the "Hesbjerg Peace College." Taken together a rare, ephemeral, and rather poignant document from a quintessentially 1960s project.

Price: $1,000.00

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