[Archive Collection of 119 Original Photo Negatives of Authors and Screenwriters from the 1950's]. Arthur KNIGHT, Photographer.

[Archive Collection of 119 Original Photo Negatives of Authors and Screenwriters from the 1950's]

First Edition. The negatives are accompanied by a proof sheet of all but two of the images; two 8" x 10" copies of one of the Huxley photos and five 8" x 10" copies of one of the Patchen photo, each with Knight's stamp on rear and later date. Generally fine condition. Fine. Item #12592

The more than three dozen authors represented (almost all in multiple images) include: Aldous Huxley, Henry Miller, Ray Bradbury, Kenneth Patchen, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, and Louis L'Amour. Perhaps most notable among the images is Phillip K. Dick, whose photo was used on the first edition jacket of his sci-fi classic, THE MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE; it is accompanied by an unused image from the same shoot. Knight was a writer, editor, and photographer who became involved in the Beat and counterculture scene as a young man. He eventually published, along with his wife Kit, many books about the Beat poets and the times. He became interested in photography as a teenager and had admirable success – as these negatives can attest. His personal relationships with many of the subjects opened the doors to other writers and resulted in his photos appearing on more than 200 dustjackets and magazines, many of which are included in this collection. A document with personal anecdotes and remembrances from Knight as to the circumstances surrounding the photos is included. For example, Knight remembers shooting Philip K. Dick in his shabby apartment and how quiet and particularly unassuming he was: "It was almost as if he weren't there (or I wasn't) when I shot this." He also recalls how writer Kenneth Rexroth asked for his girlfriend's phone number right after he (Knight) broke up with her, and how he waited to photograph Huxley while he ate dinner ("almost tearing at a steak"). Henry Miller later told Knight the photo gave Huxley a "character he never had." A series of images demonstrating Knight love both of the medium and his subjects, as well as an uncommonly intimate look at many of the authors represented. A complete inventory of images and authors is available. Purchase transfers and carries full usage rights.

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