[Original Poster for Andy Warhol's Up-Tight, Feb. 8 - 13, 1966 at the Film-Makers' Cinematheque]. Andy WARHOL, The Velvet Underground.

[Original Poster for Andy Warhol's Up-Tight, Feb. 8 - 13, 1966 at the Film-Makers' Cinematheque]

New York: np, (1966). First Edition. 8.5” x 11” offset flyer. Black-and-white photograph of Warhol with Gerard Malanga, Edie Sedgwick, and the band (sans Nico); text below. PROVENANCE: From the estate of Velvet Underground guitarist Sterling Morrison, with Morrison's widow Martha's signed letter of provenance included. Four long flattened creases from having been folded. Very good. Very Good. Item #12986

Andy Warhol began his famed association with The Velvet Underground in late 1965, after catching the band at Cafe Bizarre in the Village. He found the Velvets "fabulous and demented" and offered (at Paul Morrissey's urging) to manage the group. Morrissey had been looking for a house band to be part of a series of multimedia happenings he and Warhol had envisioned. The debut of these extravaganzas soon occurred (infamously) at the New York Society for Clinical Psychiatry dinner (Herald Tribune headline: "Psychiatrists Flee Warhol"). But the performances promoted in this flyer represent the first public appearances of the band with Nico and predate their debut album (produced by Warhol and featuring his iconic banana design) by more than a year. Appearing with the Velvets and Warhol were Edie Sedgwick, Gerard Malanga, Morrissey, Donald Lyons, Barbara Rubin, Bob Neuwirth, Daniel Williams and Billy Linich (aka Billy Name), many of whom eventually become members of the Exploding Plastic Inevitable. And the Cinematheque shows clearly anticipate the Inevitable. The band performed in front of screens projecting Warhol's VINYL, EAT, and EMPIRE, and the show featured (according to the flyer): "Up-tight Rock 'n Roll, Whip Dancers, Film maker Freaks, Tapers, Anchovies, filming live episodes of the 'Up-Tight' series and including Film Premiere for the first time anywhere: Andy Warhol's MORE MILK, YVETTE starring Maria Montez and The Velvet Underground." Designed by Morrissey and featuring an image of Warhol with the Velvets taken at the Factory New Year's Eve 1965, this rare flyer is "the very first document linking Andy Warhol with The Velvet Underground" (Kugelberg, NEW YORK ART, 58). See also: Kugelberg, C/O THE VELVET UNDERGROUND (54) and DeRogatis, THE VELVET UNDERGROUND: An Illustrated History Of A Walk On The Wild Side (48). From the estate of Sterling Morrison (who was something of the band's unofficial archivist during their career), a spectacular association of both a key Warhol event and a pivotal Velvet Underground performance.

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